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Fred's Breads
High Protein - Gluten Free - Vegan

So delicious you'll think you're cheating...

- Now Available -
Several Products without Protein Boost at a lower Cost - Focus on High Protein Ingredients still make these Protein Block Busters!

New Arrival - Sauerkraut Pepper Jack is Back!

2022 - 2023  Market Schedule

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Delicious, Protein-Packed Bread for the Fitness-Focused.

In 2019, Fred set out to take fitness to a new level but didn’t want to leave the decadence of his years of mouthwatering baking insight behind.  Developing gluten free nutrient packed, high protein baked fruit breads became his mission. After countless attempts and endless hours in the kitchen, perfection in the recipes was finally achieved...

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Natural ingredients boosted with protein make Fred’s Breads a delicious, healthy way to achieve your fitness goals and satisfy your cravings for a delicious alternative in your diet.

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